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I’m reading a book called Essentialism. It’s the manuscript for simplifying your life and removing much of the bullshit that clutters our minds and distracts us from those things that are truly important. No organization I’ve worked for has done this. At all. If you’ve ever read anything by Tim Ferriss, you already know the […]

Is your credit score bullshit?

Published March 6, 2017   Tags: ,

I guess I have a “thing” for skinny British guys – and once I saw John Oliver’s bit on credit scores and how dangerous that three-digit number can be, I naturally got a bit intrigued. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s his spiel on YouTube: “Measuring credit enables businesses to know who to lend […]
I will be the first to admit that I find money talk exceedingly boring. Especially stocks, diversification, yields, compound interest, price-to-earnings ratio, whatever. Seriously, I fall asleep when I hear or read about that stuff. And, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not alone. For all those who find money talk boring, I feel […]

The super secret key to success: Ask!

Published February 22, 2017   Tags: ,

Hard work. It’s great in theory, but the years I spent meandering my way through corporate America taught me that success very rarely resembles the fluffy fairy-tale idea that success comes to those who “work hard”. Or even “smart“. More times than not, success comes to those who ask for it. If you think that […]
Try this one on for size: Would a basic income solve our nation’s social problems by blindly cutting checks to every person of legal working age and nixing expensive social programs like welfare and social security? It is a profoundly interesting topic, and debatable until we are blue in the face. Studies from around the […]
Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve made it no secret that I hate mortgages – both having them AND paying them off. But once they are gone, the potential to build some serious net worth skyrockets. Today, I bring you a guest post by Rob from Mustard Seed Money on the ups and downs of wiping his […]

No, we are not having kids; and yes, I am sure

Published February 13, 2017  

I don’t think I’ve ever engaged in a more monotonous discussion than one about having kids. And, it all began when I was a wee teenager, then fired up full-bore as I joined the workforce. Apparently, it’s abnormal not to want kids. For the record, I previously wrote about why my wife and I are DINKs. However, as […]

Stop. Just stop.

Published February 1, 2017   Tags: ,

Stop. Stop whatever it is that you’re doing (aside from reading this blog post). Take this time to think about what’s happening in your life, the habits you hold, the routines you have, the motions that you go through. Now, ask yourself a question. How many of those things are working out wonderfully for you? […]
Here’s a question: Is it worth pursuing degree programs in fields with statistically low salaries and high unemployment, even if you love the topic? That depends. How quickly are you looking to retire? Also, how strong is your love of money? The debate rages on, and its a hotly contested one. Nobody wants to spend […]
At 35, I retired from full-time work. Now, I spend my days pursuing things that make me happy, not answering to bosses, filling out time cards or sitting on conference calls. Those days are behind me – long behind me. I go to the gym in the morning to stay fit. I nap when I […]