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So you want to be a flight attendant?

Published January 23, 2017   Posted in Guest Posts

Happy Monday all! I’m thrilled to bring you a guest post from the one and only Miss Mazuma! She is definitely a rising star in the personal finance community, and I’m honored to publish her very first guest post. You like to travel? How about as a JOB? Read on! Hey all!  When Steve asked […]

A day in the life of an early retiree

Published January 16, 2017   Posted in How to Think

It hasn’t even been a month yet since I called it quits from full-time work and became an early retiree, but inquiring minds want to know (seriously, I’ve been asked incessantly): What does my day look like now that I’m not working full-time? I’ll be perfectly frank: It flat kicks ass. Here’s a quick snapshot: The […]

It is okay to love your job! Really, it is!

Published June 20, 2016   Posted in How to Think

I spend a lot of time writing about the virtues of early retirement from full-time work and enjoying my days without a schedule, drinking coffee outside of our Airstream at 9am and pondering what the hell I’m going to do that day. That’s mainly because I derive very little satisfaction out of my job. In […]

Question time: Would you ever downsize this much?

Published April 27, 2016   Posted in Lifestyles

Epic downsize: My wife and I met a fellow camper the other night who left his Atlanta condo, bought an inexpensive travel trailer, and hit the road out to Tucson, AZ to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor space. It was an amazing lifestyle change. On our way to the pool one evening with towels […]
If there is one thing that these insipid self-help seminars teach us, it’s that fear is somehow holding us back. Fear is like a bottleneck that stands between us and our goals, and the elimination of fear enables us to reach those goals. Removing fear allows us to achieve the impossible. Without fear, we can walk […]
Things are getting seriously real around here. Like you read about on Monday, we found our Airstream and paid 100% cash. It’s a 30′ 2005 Airstream Classic, and we’ve already given the trailer a name. Our Airstream’s name is Charlie. That name holds special meaning in my life. In the summertime, a yellow jacket likes […]
A lot of us might choose a warm and tropic destination to enjoy a vacation or trip, but I had the opportunity to talk with an incredible woman named Chelsea who had a very different vacation spot in mind. Think south. Very south. Like, Antarctica. She is a free spirit. Then again, she also loves to plan […]
I love stories about people who successfully escaped their comfort zones by making powerful decisions to improve their lives – even if those decisions may not conform to the society-approved way of life. Claudia and her husband Garrett did just that, and I recently had the opportunity to quiz Claudia, who blogs over at, and her […]

How to ER: Early retirees leave their comfort zone

Published December 16, 2015   Posted in How to ER

Welcome to the first installment of “How to ER“, an article series that describes the techniques that early retirees (and future early retirees) use to escape the rat race early and start enjoying their lives in jobless bliss. In this post, we will discuss how early retirees leave their comfort zones. Our comfort zone is a powerful […]
It’s true – Social media is an experiment in the thoughtless removal of money from our own wallets. Admit it, you’ve seen some piece of junk that one of your friends or followers bought, promptly took a picture of and plastered up on their social media account – and you wanted it too. You freaking wanted it because, well, […]