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Taking stunning photos doesn’t require expensive equipment. On a reader’s request, this article describes my very simple process of making kick-ass photographs without spending stupid money on equipment that won’t do a thing to improve my photography. Here’s the key: In my view, the best camera system is whatever one that you feel the most comfortable […]

Pics from the great Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Published September 2, 2016   Posted in Having some fun

No Friday Feast this week as my wife and I are enjoying a much-needed escape from the heat with a visit to the Grand Lake area in the Rocky Mountains. Instead of linking to beautifully-written content, how about some beautifully taken photographs? At least I hope they are beautiful, as I took them. Here ya […]
If you are like me, you love free stuff.  But if you can’t get free, an inexpensive do-it-yourself project might be the next best thing, and that is just what my wife and I did over the weekend to come up with some truly nice looking picture frames that look just like clipboards. These clipboards are light-weight and easy to hang and […]

Downsizing my photo equipment? What?!?

Published May 27, 2015   Posted in Having some fun

Well, I finally did it.  In the name of both frugality and minimalism (and maybe a little thinking ahead), I decided to officially buy into a camera system that is significantly smaller, lighter and easier to carry with me than my current – and much-beloved, Nikon-based camera system. Everybody likes getting new stuff.  It was […]

Our amazing world: Last night’s halo

Published March 30, 2015   Posted in Having some fun

Allow me a moment to divert completely away from the topic of financial independence a minute and talk about what an amazing natural world that we live in.  Last night, one of our dogs – that RARELY barks unless something is truly wrong – started barking by the back door.  Naturally, my wife and I responded, […]