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Working ’til retirement scares me to death

Published March 15, 2017   Posted in Guest Posts

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today, I bring you a guest post from a newer blogger in the Personal Finance blogosphere, Cody from Dollar Habits. He and I have something in common – we both hate the idea of working until 65. Cody, take it away! Limited Exposure to Early Retirement Growing up, I didn’t have […]

A day in the life of an early retiree

Published January 16, 2017   Posted in How to Think

It hasn’t even been a month yet since I called it quits from full-time work and became an early retiree, but inquiring minds want to know (seriously, I’ve been asked incessantly): What does my day look like now that I’m not working full-time? I’ll be perfectly frank: It flat kicks ass. Here’s a quick snapshot: The […]
I’ll admit it – before I became a personal finance blogger, I never liked those “How I retired at [insert insanely young age here]” posts. They always came across to me as “Hey, look at me! I’m awesome!”, and I recited the approved excuse, “So everything went right for you…cool, but what about me?” I usually just […]
Behold, my fellow readers – my first installment of what I am calling the “State of Our Retirement” (SoOR) address, where I briefly give you fine people the low-down on what’s happening and where we are in our drive towards financial independence and retirement from full-time work. It has been an amazing year thus far, […]
Recently I stumbled upon a bit of an epiphany. The goal of financial independence and early retirement is not just about quitting work or hating your job. That part I already knew. It’s also not about finally sleeping in on a Monday morning or sitting on your front porch all day pissed off and with […]
Happy Thursday everyone! I have a treat for you fine people! Today I come to you with a guest post I wrote for the wonderful Money Mozart blog about how to write your retirement letter, a process that may seem easy and straightforward but, in reality, takes some serious guts to pull off. For example, do […]

Making retirement work even though market weirdness

Published January 27, 2016   Posted in How to Retire

My wife and I are being stubborn – there is no way that we’re going to let market conditions this year (and the last half of 2015) effect our planned retirement target – end of 2016 for me and February of 2017 for my wife. But, we are also facing the cold hard facts: we probably won’t […]
Late in 2015, we thought to ourselves: what if we moved the Our Next Life timetable up a bit by selling our house and moving into our Airstream much earlier in 2016? Originally, we weren’t planning to move until the end of the year. But, moving into our Airstream early would save us money by living small and […]
When it comes to early retirement, is it luck or good decision-making that ultimately provides the option to quit the rat race early? How much influence does good fortune really have? My short answer to that question? Some. Here is my longer answer – The thought that achieving financial independence and early retirement is a “privilege” strikes me […]

Coming soon to a city near you: Us! One year out

Published December 23, 2015   Posted in Having some fun

Last week, my wife mentioned to me that we should come up with the exact dates that we’ll truly call it quits from full time work. My answer: When’s the last working day before Xmas? Since late summer, my goal has been to retire by the end of 2016, but we never actually had a specific date in mind. Finally, […]